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[documentaire] Made in Milan
Gepost op: 10 juli 2011 – 17:59:20

Giorgio Armani in Made in Milan (1990) geregisseerd door Martin Scorcese.

As a lifelong Scorsese fanatic, I was excited to see this rare piece Scorsese did on Giorgio Armani in the '80s. "Made In Milan" is an uneven documentary sketch that overcomes the dullness of Armani himself to become something quite special. Its well worth sitting through Armani's tedious musings on life and clothing to see the film's climactic fashion show, (which Scorsese shoots with characteristic intensity.) Scorsese accomplishes the impossible by making us care briefly about the Armani's designs as art, (a quality which is most often overlooked for the crass, anorexic glitz of the fashion world.) I saw this film on a big screen during retrospective of Scorsese's shorts. I don't think this film is currently available on video.
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