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Evenementen 2008
Gepost op: 15 februari 2008 – 22:18:49
Centraal topic voor SF-gerelateerde activiteiten en evenementen in binnen- en buitenland.

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Citaat van: "Alexander Kabbaz"

The Fourth Annual Collection of Sartorial Excellence will take place at New York City's  Regency Hotel on Friday, February 29th and Saturday, March 1st. Sartorial Excellence is open by invitation only to members of Style Forum, AskAndyAboutClothes, the clients of the artisans & exhibitors and their guests. Invitations, which are good for the invitee and up to three guests, can be obtained at

A Collection of Sartorial Excellence is a small, private exposition of some of the finest men's and women's clothing, furnishings, and accessories available. Over the years, Sartorial Excellence has become the focal point and annual gathering of top-quality clothing afficionados, industry insiders, a number of the artisans whose creations are on display ... as well as many friends who first met at one of the previous annual Collections.

Sartorial Excellence began as an in-person supplement to the clothing fora at which artisans and experts could augment the ongoing online discussions with hands-on demonstrations. In an effort to enhance the educational nature of the event, the 2008 edition will also feature new seminar-style intensives in reponse to many frequently discussed topics. A complete schedule of seminar times and days will be published at Sartorial on Monday, February 25th as will the complete exhibitor list.


Drafting of a Bespoke Shirt Pattern &
Cutting and Sewing Matched-Pattern Bespoke Shirts
A Hands-on Real-time Demonstration

Alexander Kabbaz, Bespoke Shirtmaker

The Basics and Beyond: Proper Suit Fitting
Jon Green,  Fine Custom Clothier

The Basics and Beyond: Fitting Your Shirt
Alexander Kabbaz

Coordination of Suit Styles with Body Characteristics
Michael Anton,  Author, The Suit

A Shoe Compendium: Maker - Style - Quality Comparison
John Cusey,  Senior Moderator,

Factory-made vs Bespoke Shirts
The Differences in How They Are Made

Joelle Kelly and Alexander Kabbaz,  Shirtmakers

Attendance at The Fourth Annual Collection of Sartorial Excellence is limited by the capacity of the venue. Please request your invitation at if you have not already done so.

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Photos Copyright ©2007 Alexander S. Kabbaz - All Rights Reserved - Reproduction Prohibited[/SIZE]
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